How Do I Subscribe?

We're so glad you asked!  First, you'll want to create an account on our website, so we can ensure you're 21+, and that we ship to your state.  

Now, click the blue “Subscribe” button on the main menu.  

First you will select the type of kits you would like to receive, indicating whether you would like them to include alcohol or not. There are certain states that will not permit the shipment of alcohol, therefore, it is possible that your only option may be the non-alcoholic kits!

Next, you will pick your spirit preferences. Keep in mind, the more spirits you select, the more varied your swap options will be. And who knows, you may find your new favorite cocktail!

Our next step will be to pick the frequency with which you would like to receive your kits and when you would like the shipments to begin. Additionally, here is where you will be denoting the shipping information. Unless you click the “This is a gift” prompt, the kits will be shipped to the shipping address that was input into your Cocktail Courier profile.

Lastly, input your payment information, if necessary, and any promotional or coupon codes that you may have and you’re all set!

Before every Subscription delivery is sent, you will receive an e-mail denoting the cocktail that has been selected for you. You can always head to your subscription dashboard by clicking “My Account”, then “View” under subscriptions and then clicking the subscription you are interested in viewing.

This dashboard will have recipe cards for your previous drinks, any drink you are set to receive and also where you may view your swap options and make any swaps, if needed.  E-mails will also be sent when the order has been processed (charged), and when the tracking information has been generated.

To view your delivery schedule and spirit preferences, or make changes, refer back to your subscriptions dashboard.